In support of Save The Elephants

Laura Robertson, previously of National Geographic started a run/walk to allow people a fun way to show their support and passion for saving elephants. Now joined by her sister, Sarah Robertson they are taking on what will be the largest Saving the Elephants run ever.

These beautiful and majestic animals are desperately in need of help.

Raising funds and awareness for Save the Elephants will ensure we are making a difference!

Save The Elephants (STE) works to secure a future for elephants in Africa.

With over 50 years devoted to researching elephants, STE provides scientific insights into elephant behavior, intelligence, and long-distance movements and applies them to the challenges of elephant survival. Through STE’s education and Outreach programs, local people are made true custodians of their own rich heritage.

Human elephant coexistence is being promoted through beehive fences which have successfully reduced the number of crop-raiding incidents and provide the farmers with an elephant friendly, alternative source of income.

To battle the current surge in ivory poaching the Elephant Crisis Fund, an initiative launched by Save The Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network, is identifying and supporting the most effective partners in Africa and in the ivory consuming nations to stop poaching, thwart traffickers and end demand for ivory.

For more information about the organization, please visit the Save the Elephants.